Growth promoters in aquaculture


Good nutrition is essential to economically produce a healthy, high-quality product. Kifay-Aqua feed supplements helps to create diets that promote optimal growth and health of aquatic animals and that satisfy increasing demand for affordable, safe, and high-quality seafood products. Vinayak Ingredients offers ingredients and products designed to support fish immunity and health.

Kifay-Aqua is an amino acid optimizer. It acts to improve an amino acid incorporation and protein turnover rate which helps maintaining protein & glycogen Level during diseases. In shrimps it improves protein incorporation in cell, reduces nitrogen excretion and protects excessive protein degradation.

Kifay-Aqua provides such micronutrients which are favorable to build up the disease resistance and immune response. Kifay-Aqua provides mineral mixtures which are easily digestible by Fishes/Shrimps/Prawns.

It improves the total immune competence by improving protective protein levels in the body. It is extremely stable in feed and does not impact the physical attributes of pelleted diet.

Kifay-Aqua high-grade quality Growth Promoter for Fish that is prepared from qualitative range of ingredients thus ensures optimum results. The offered growth promoter is widely used in the aquaculture in order to improve fish growth and provide better skeleton strength.

Nutrients in Kifay-Aqua improve digestion, absorption, leading to faster growth rate and high weight gain. Kifay-Aqua optimizes FCR and maximizes productivity. It also provides proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus for the development of perfect endo and exo-skeletal system of Fishes/Shrimps. It provides sufficient nutrients that support the development of plankton.

Features & Benefits :
  • Completely Vegetal Source
  • Better digestibility and disease resistance
  • Helps Maintaining Protein & Glycogen Level During Diseases
  • Helps to develop immune response and defense mechanism
  • Provides quality brood stock development
  • Improved & Optimizes FCR and maximizes productivity
  • Enriches pond water by developing plankton
  • Improved Performance of Feed Proteins
  • Reduced Stress
Dosage of KIFAY 

1.5 kg per ton of feed


Mixed in feed


20 Kg Bag

Shelf Life of KIFAY

24 Months

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