How to Control Flies in Poultry Farm (5 Techniques)

How to Control Flies in Poultry Farm - Vinayak IngredientsIt is important to keep control over fly population which may irritate the farm animals and affect their performances. So here are few enlisted techniques which can be utilized to control or prevent flies on poultry farms

Fly Paper :
This is the most conventional technique towards other fly control options. Fly paper do work effectively but it has disadvantage as the fly paper containing hundreds of victim flies stuck can be unsightly and unattractive. Therefore, it has to be regularly removed and replaced with new fly papers which can also be laborious task.

Fly Traps :
The slight modified version of fly paper is the fly trap that is plastic containers with bait inside to lure flies. This is also equally effective, full traps can be ugly and smelly as well.

Misters :
A modern method to keep flies at bay is to install portable fly-spray throughout the farms. The fly spray has an insecticide which can be sprayed every 15 minutes. They are relatively inexpensive and have been tested and proven safe for use near livestock and farm pets.

Predators :
A very natural and eco friendly means to eliminate the types of flies is to use fly predators. Fly predators also known as parasitoids are very tiny and resemble ants with wings. Their sole purpose is to stop the reproductive cycle of flies. Although fly predators do not kill flies but it can be used in conjunction with insecticides to provide better results.

Feed Through System :
A feed through system also known as insect growth regulator consumed by the animals. The active ingredient, cyromazine, disrupts the pupal stage of the fly life cycle and damages the nervous system of the fly larvae. Recently, a new method has been developed to apply pyriproxyfen (PPF) as insect growth regulator. This prevents the development of fly larvae into adult flies.

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2 thoughts on “How to Control Flies in Poultry Farm (5 Techniques)

  • September 20, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Aside from Cyromazine 1% (Larvadex) what other new feed thru larvicide is available. Is there also available water thru larvicide instead of feed thru.

    Thank, Adrian

    • September 20, 2019 at 11:36 am

      Yes, it is available water thru..


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