A unique micro emulsified formulation of phytoactive ingredients. Herbofloxin eliminates chemicals such as water sanitizers, pH regulators, feed disinfectants and antibiotics from livestock production. It improves gut immune barriers to resist colonization by pathological microflora

Mechanism of Herbofloxin

 Phytoconstituents of antibacterial nature target gut pathogens including important zoonotic bacteria

 Improved gastrointestinal microclimate favors better digestibility and uptake of nutrients

 A slightly acidic pH in the gut helps colonization by gut commensals and resist pathogen attachment

 An immunomodulant effect improves tolerance to pathogenic biotics and reduces stress

 Positive effect on Hemopoietic system improves efficient muscle oxidation and feed conversion

Active Ingredients

It is a combination of oleiferous extracts of Thymus Vulgaris, Eucalyptus, Syzygium & Citronella.


  • Increase in livability
  • Corrects gut dysbacteriosis
  • Anti-inflammatory action on gut
  • Better dressed weight
  • Water disinfection