Herbofloxin is a combination of essential oils from Eucalyptus, Citronella, Syzygium and Thymus used as the feed additives in the Poultry industry. It is a micro emulsion easily soluble in water and showing high stability in extreme temperatures. It is a highly concentrated formulation used in the range of 250-500 ml per 1000L of drinking water.

Herbofloxin is our answer to the long standing problem of antibiotic inclusions in feed and water of livestock. It is a unique micro emulsified formulation of phytoactive ingredients working as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal solutions for monogastric organisms.

Mechanism of HERBOFLOXIN

Herboloxin uses antimicrobial and antifungal from a natural source to reduce gut colonization by pathogenic bacteria.
It improves water disinfection and reduces salmonella, E.coli and campylabacter zoonosis in meat.
Herboloxin uses a unique micro emulsion formation to show maximum efficacy with minimal dosage.

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Yellow colored clear liquid
Odour: Citrus odour

Dosage of Herboloxin

• 250 – 500 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water.

Shelf Life of Herboloxin

• 24 Months

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