Calcium is essential for many physiological processes; neuromuscular function, blood clotting, and hormonal secretion. Failure to maintain calcium homeostasis (hypocalcemia, milk fever, parturient paresis) affects the productivity of the cows and the profitability of the dairy industry. Oral calcium supplements are appropriate for cows displaying early clinical signs of hypocalcemia and prophylactically to lessen the negative impacts of hypocalcemia.

HerboCAL is a specially designed product for quick and sustained calcium supplementation. It improves the calcium availability by increasing the blood serum calcium levels at me when calcium demand is high. Aer adding to water, it quickly disintegrates to form a thick liquid for oral administration.

Salient Features

 Contains multiple sources of calcium for optimal absorption

 Provides sustained release of calcium

 Enhances milk production and fat content due to herbs with galactagogue properties