Vitamin C also known as L-ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in some foods.  Vitamin C is the least stable and, therefore, most easily destroyed of all the vitamins. Vitamin C is one of the nutritional factors, important for laying hen’s performance and egg quality. It is required to maintain normal body metabolic activities and to meet physiological requirements. It can exhibit antioxidative effects.

Generally, vitamin C can be synthesized by poultry, the synthesis is reduced or the requirements for vitamin C are increased during times of stress. During times of environmental, nutritional or pathological stress, the deficiency of Vitamin  C  in the poultry alleviates;  many of the undesirable physical consequences of exposure like chronic adrenocortical action, immunosuppression ultimately leading to weight loss and reduced egg production.

Herbo C is a natural source of vitamin C for birds that act as an immunomodulator and stress-buster in birds. It is also are a rich source of oxidants that helps in optimizing the body resistance against various infectious diseases and reduce the mortality in young chicks.

Herbo C Biophysiological Role and  Economic  Significance

Stress Buster: Generally during “oxidative stress” free radicals steal electrons from nearby substances, a change that can dramatically alter the cell’s structure or function, potentially changing the instructions in DNA. Herbo C works as an antioxidant by giving electrons to free radicals; the extra electron stabilizes them, preventing them from causing further damage to the cells in the body, which makes the birds more adaptive to different stress.

Immunomodulator:  Herbo  C  supports epithelial barrier function against pathogens and promotes the oxidant scavenging activity, thereby potentially protecting against environmental oxidative stress. Herbo C accumulates in phagocytic cells,  such as neutrophils and enhances the chemotaxis,  phagocytosis,  generation of reactive oxygen species which ultimately leads to microbial killing. Therefore, it helps to guard against recurrent infections in the flock.

Collagen Biosynthesis: Herbo C plays a role in differenaon of connective tissue such as muscle, cartilage, and bone-derived from mesenchyme  (embryonic cells capable of developing into a connective tissue).  The collagen matrix produced by Vitamin C treated cells provides a permissive environment for issue-specific gene expression. Therefore Herbo C helps to increase FCR in broilers.

Bone and Egg Quality: Herbo C is a natural source of vitamin C, is a necessary cofactor for the bioconversion of vitamin D3 to its active form 1, 25 – (OH) 2D3. Therefore Herbo C helps in improving the egg quality by increasing the egg shell thickness in layer birds.


•  Herbo C is a natural immunity booster feed additive for birds

•  Herbo C helps in optimizing the production of immunoglobulins, antibodies and other immune components in birds

•  Herbo C helps in differenaon of tissue

 •  Herbo C helps in biosynthesis of collagen, which is utilized for wear and tear process in birds

•  Herbo C is a natural antioxidant for birds

•  Herbo C is a natural and stress and apoptogenic for chicks and birds

•  Herbo C helps in reducing the early chick mortality

•  Herbo C improves vaccination response

•  Herbo C helps in increasing bird performance and production