herbal liver tonic for Cattle, Poultry, Livestock

HepatoVin is a herbal solution as a liver tonic for cattle, poultry & Livestock available in powder and liquid form. It is a combination of liver enhancers and Hepatoprotectant herbs in extract form stabilized for a longer shelf life by adding suitable feed grade and approved preservatives. HepatoVin improves the feed conversion in broilers and layers and improves milk production in Dairy cattle.

Mechanism of HepatoVin

• Improve Body Condition
• Improves FCR
• Helps restore damaged liver
• Improved immunity
• Optimizes breeder flock sexual maturity

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Tan colored powder
Odour: Characteristic odour

Usage of Hepatovin

• 250 – 500 gm / 1 kg per ton of feed.

Shelf Life of Hepatovin

• 24 Months

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