KREAMEKO is an unmatched specialty modified starch designed to deliver unique mouth-coating properties in high moisture food systems. It has been developed for use in liquid-based systems which require a smooth, luxuriant and rich mouthfeel.

KREAMEKO is an ideal ingredient for ice creams/ kulfis, frozen desserts, thick shakes, non-dairy beverages, and Indian sweets such as basundi, rabdi, and kalakand. It imparts creaminess and builds viscosity for a heavier mouthfeel. It is a co-texturizer that mimics fat, enabling food manufacturers to create low-fat products with the same body, mouth-coating, and meltaway as their full-fat equivalents, ultimately leading to cost benefit. KREAMEKO encourages the development of viscosity in the aqueous phase of ice cream and inhibits ice crystal growth, which in turn helps in improving the texture of reduced fat ice creams. It also provides the body with Nutraceutical formulations such as vegan and whey-based protein powders.

With a bland taste profile, KREAMEKO is highly compatible with other ingredients, making it the ideal choice for flavor-sensitive food systems

Kremako Modified Starch Manufacturer in India - Vinayak Corporation