Flavoring refers to something that changes or modifies the original flavor of the food. Food flavors are used to alter the flavors of natural food products or creating flavor for food that do not have the desired flavor. Flavor can be broadly classified into nature-identical and artificial flavoring substances. Most flavor ingredients used by the food industry are either dry powders or liquids including concentrates, extracts, and essences, all typically mixed with another liquid.Flavouring can be used to contrast a taste such as adding liqueur to a dessert where both the added flavor and the original flavour are perceptible. Or flavourings can be used to create a unique flavor in which it is difficult to discern what the separate flavourings are.

Vinayak brings outstanding sensory capabilities, to deliver high quality flavours entirely suited to consumer tastes and customized application requirements. We have an extensive range of flavours in varying formats to choose from those suit diverse applications across food and beverage segments.

From a woody vanilla to a Pan Masala or Cranberry to a Kalakhatta, we have all the flavor profiles that you seek for your next challenging food or beverage project.

Application : Bakery Products, Deserts, Chocolate, food and beverages, confectionery, dairy goods & ice cream, soft & alcoholic drinks

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