Flavors and Seasonings

Many ingredients are used to enhance the taste of foods. These ingredients can be used to provide both seasoning and flavoring. Knowing how to use seasonings and flavourings skillfully provides cooks and bakers with an arsenal with which they can create limitless flavour combinations. Flavoring and seasoning ingredients include wines, spirits, fruit zests, extracts, essences, and oils. However, the main seasoning and flavouring ingredients are classified as herbs and spices.Knowing the difference between herbs and spices is not as important as knowing how to use seasonings and flavourings skilfully. In general, fresh seasonings are added late in the cooking process while dry ones tend to be added earlier. It is good practice to under-season during the cooking process and then add more seasonings (particularly if you are using fresh ones) just before presentation. This is sometimes referred to as “layering.” When baking, it is difficult to add more seasoning at the end, so testing recipes to ensure the proper amount of spice is included is a critical process.

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