Ruminants are very sensitive to food palatability,  which is one of the main reasons why palatant additives, like favors, had become very important in ruminant nutrition; they are nowadays included in a wide range of products:   milk replacers, mineral premix, compound or concentrated feeds. Their functional purpose is to provoke a   sensory response that will stimulate the animal’s appetite for feed, ultimately improving feed intake and performance. Besides, they are also highly instrumental additives for the feed industry, as they allow the utilization of many agricultural by-products, cover variations in raw materials and create a brand-identity aroma to the feed (marketing value).


Flavour Fresh is a sense feed additive that can improve and make better taste and smell in feed, increase feed intake, promote feed to be digested and absorbed by provoking gustation and olfaction of the animal. Grass favour as a kind of fruit flavor, it takes on natural, pure, fresh grass aroma.


1. Promote animal feed intake and then gain overall nutrition and grow quickly.

2. Masking of strong odours and pungent nonpalatable essential feed additives, allows exibility of ingredient incorporation to save feed cost.

3. Improves feed consumption and recovery of diseased animals.