Essentiolitt Poultry

ESSENTIOLITT Poultry reduces poultry house odours

ESSENTIOLITT Poultry is a litter amendment system and an efficient ammonia binder that improves biosecurity on the farm. It is to be used for broilers, layers and breeders. It reduces wetness of the litter and destroys pathogenic microflora in the litter by acting as a disinfectant. It acts as odor control program and accentuates the growth of beneficial microflora. ESSENTIOLITT is a combination of specially modified clay, aluminum sulphate and a blend of essential oils targeted to destroy zoonotic micro flora like, Salmonella, Clostridia, E.coli and Campylobacter species in the litter which can be an important source of infection for the birds. The essential oils in the formulation are targeted to control urea and uric acid converting bacteria thus controlling ammonia emissions, respiratory infections and also improve the nitrogen content of the litter which makes it an important manure source.

Mechanism of Action

Essentiolitt poultry uses clay and aluminium sulphate to act as effective litter acidifier and moisture control agent, along with selected aromatic compounds it acts as a ammonia binder and reduces poultry houses odours.

Product Description

ESSENTIOLITT is a proprietary blend of clay, formic acid, aluminium sulphate and aromatic compounds aimed to fortify biosecurity measures of poultry house.

Product Characteristics

Appearance : Brown coloured fine powder
Odour : Characteristic odour


• To be applied as of 25 kg for 1000 sq. ft. of deep litter floor coverage per cycle

Shelf Life

• 24 Months

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