Essentiolitt Pig

Essentiolitt Pig - biosecurity solution for the swine industry

Essentiolitt Pig is our biosecurity solution for the swine industry.

It is used to maintain the flooring of the pen dry and used predominately in the furrowing pen during parturition. Essentiolitt Pig can be spread on the house floor and on the litter as a piglet dryer/ new born pig desiccant. It can be used as a disinfectant and bedding conditioner in deep litter housing systems. Essentiolitt Pig can be used as a piglet dip after furrowing. It reduces the ammonia emissions from the pen and regulates moisture levels of the bedding thus maintaining high standards in pig house hygiene. It improves the skin and respiratory health of the pigs and reduces the cases of contact dermatitis It reduces the cannibalistic behavior in pigs in spite of maintaining high stocking densities.

Mechanism of Action

ESSENTIOLITT-S uses clay and essential oils as effective desiccant and detoxification agent.

Product Description

ESSENTIOLITT-S is proprietary blend of clay and essential oils.

Product Characteristics

Appearance : Brown coloured fine powder
Odour : Characteristic odour


• 200 – 300 gm per SOW per day.


• 24 Months

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