Essentiolitt I

Essentiolitt-I is a litter disinfectant

Essentiolitt-I is a litter disinfectant to be used in poultry and other livestock. It reduces the odor originating from the bedding and reduces the moisture content in the litter.

Mechanism of Action

It is a blend of essential oils in diatomaceous earth as a carrier which contains diatomite which ruptures the exoskeleton made of chitin by making the insect loose moisture, cause dehydration and thereby leading to death of the insect. Thus we cannot mix it in water because then it will lose its desiccant effect.

Product Description

Essentiolitt I is a blend of clay, Silica, herbal extracts and biological control agents aimed control insect infestations in animal houses.

Product Characteristics

Appearance : Tan coloured fine powder
Odour : Characteristic odour


• 5 kg of product per 1000 sq. ft. weekly.

Shelf Life of Essentiolitt I

• 24 Months

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