Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils, a concentrated hydrophobic liquid extracted directly from a variety of herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, barks. These aromatic essences are referred to as volatile oils or by name of the source from which it is extracted. Essential oils are the backbone of the fragrance and flavor of various industries worldwide, beside adding a lot of value to the growth of flavor and fragrance industry. Essential oils are referred as Ethereal or Volatile oils. They are odoriferous bodies of an oily nature derived from Vegetable sources.

Vinayak Ingredients believe in presenting the world with nature’s finest and purest range of products. It’s our endeavour to keep alive the ancient philosophy of balancing body, mind and soul. We offer a wide variety of essential oils including pure, natural and commercial as well as many different production qualities and grades of oils to match your specific needs.

Essential oils market segment will gain added importance due to environmental safety and regulatory provisions applicable to petroleum- based aroma chemicals causing pollution.

Essential Oils – A
Ajwain / Ajowan Essential Oil – Ajowan Essential Oil is also known as Indian Thyme, Bishop’s Weed, Ajwain or Carom, Ajowan is a warming oil that helps to energise the body through the removal of stagnant energy.
Ambrette Seed Essential Oil – Ambrette seed oil is refined from the dried seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus Medik which is otherwise called Hibiscus mochatus, musk mallow and musk seed.
Amyris Essential Oil – Amyris Oil has numerous advantages which can elevate the body and mind and have numerous wellbeing points of interest which make it successful natural oil.
Angelica Root Essential Oil – Angelica oil is accepted to interface the physical awareness with otherworldly cognizance and the training has developed in prominence.
Armoise Essential Oil – Armoise is a fundamental oil and is removed from Artemisia vulgaris of Asteraceae family. Armoise is a fragrant enduring herb with profoundly cut, red-purple stems and green clears out.
Essential Oils – B
Basil Essential Oil – Basil oil or sweet basil is a common name for the culinary herb ocimum basilicum and it is extracted by the process of steam distillation.
Bergamot Essential Oil – The Bergamot tree grows up to four meters high. It has star-molded blooms and smooth leaves, with citrus organic product taking after a combination of an orange and a grapefruit yet formed like a pear.
Betel Leaf Essential Oil – Betel Leaf Oil is derived from Betal Leaf plant leaves that yield this aromatic essential oil. The heart-shaped leaves have distinct pleasant aroma & are commonly chewed alone or with other plant materials.
Bitter Orange Essential Oil  Bitter orange oil offered by us has a bitter orange aroma that is reminiscent of cross between sweetness of sweet orange oil and slight bitterness of grapefruit oil.
Black Seed Essential Oil  Nigella sativa is an annual flowering plant, native to south and southwest Asia. The seed & its oil are used as a spice & also for medicinal purpose.
Essential Oils – C
Cade Essential Oil – Cade Oil gives the oil a smoky scent. Cade essential oil comes in dark red brown and dark brown colors.
Cajeput Essential Oil – Cajeput essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the fresh leaves and twigs from a tall evergreen tree up to 30 meters high, having thick pointed leaves and white flowers.
Camphor Essential Oil  Camphor essential oil offered is extracted from Cinnamomum Camphora (also known as Laurus camphora) of Lauraceae family.
Carrot Seed Essential Oil  With an aim to stand tall on the expectations of our esteemed clients, we are offering Strawberry Powder to our clients.
Cedarwood Essential Oil  The trees grows upto 30 m, single-stemmed, crown narrowly erect to conical, round or flattened. Bark is brown, exfoliating in thin strips, that of small branchlets.
Chamomile Essential Oil (Roman) – Camomile is a small perennial herb with a hairy stem and feathery pinnate leaves, daisy like white flowers (larger than those of German camomile) and grows about 25 cm high.
Chamomile Essential Oil (Blue) – Camomile is a small perennial herb with a hairy stem and feathery pinnate leaves, daisy like white flowers (larger than those of German camomile) and grows about 25 cm high.
Champaca Essential Oil – Champaca Oil is derived from a subtropical tree with gorgeous & deeply fragrant flowers.
Chaulmoogra Essential Oil – Chaulmoogra belongs to the Hydnocarpus family, which is a common plant family in southern Asia.
Citriodora Essential Oil – A tall, aromatic evergreen tree of the myrtaceae family. An essential oil obtained from the leaves by steam distillation.
Citronella Essential Oil  Citronella oil is extracted from a hardy grass, found in eastern parts of India and nortern Himalayan range.
Clary Sage Essential Oil  Clary Sage is a stout biennial herb that grows up to 1 meter (3 feet) tall with large, hairy leaves and small blue/ white flowers growing directly off the long, thin stem.
Coffee Essential Oil – Coffea Arabica is the earliest cultivated species of the coffee tree and still the most widely grown.
Costus Root Essential Oil  Antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, carminative, digestive, expectorant, febrifuge, stimulant, stomachic, and tonic.
Croton Essential Oil – Croton essential oil, commonly known as oleum tiglii, is gelatinous and translucent liquor that is regularly yellow to light brown in color.
Custard Apple Essential Oil – A small tropical tree, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, growing up to 20′ tall. The leaves are thin, oblong while the flowers are greenish – yellow.

Cypress Essential Oil  The tree is a perennial tree, conical-shaped about 28 meters (80 feet) high, tiny dark green leaves, and having male and female cones.
Cypriol Essential Oil (Nagarmotha Oil) – Cyperus scariosus is a smooth, erect, perennial sedge. An woody, earthy, spicy essential oil is distilled from its roots.
Essential Oils – D
Davana Essential Oil  With an aim to stand tall on the expectations of our esteemed clients, we are offering Strawberry Powder to our clients…
Essential Oils – E
Elemi Essential Oil  Elemi resin is majorly used in Elemi essential oil has a very fresh, citrusy, peppery and spicy aroma.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from the leaves and the branches of the eucalyptus tree.
Essential Oils – F
Frankincense Essential Oil – Olibanum is basically a gum-resin from small trees and thorny bushes of the Burseracean family.
Essential Oils – G
Gandhapura Essential Oil (Gandharan Oil) – It is shrub has height about 3.2meter high. Stem is branched and bark colour mostly orange-brown, leaves are mostly 12 cm long, leathery, dotted, and with glands.
Geranium Essential Oil – Geranium essential oils is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves, stalks and flowers.
Ginger Grass Essential Oil  It is a perennial growing herbaceous plant having long slender stems with terminal flowering tops. The grass is the source of oil and is very fragrant.
Grapefruit Essential Oil  The grapefruit tree is originated in Asia. It is a large, shiny gloss-leaved tree that can grow about 10 meters (30 feet) high, with white flowers and large leaves.
Essential Oils – H
Hedychium Essential Oil – It is an annual herb with horizontal root-stock and tubesous root fibres, leaves are 30 cms or at times more than that in length.
Helichrysum Essential Oil (Immortelle) – Helichrysum essential oil is extracted from Helichrysum flowers and extensively used in many healing applications.
Henna Essential Oil  A glabrous much-branched deciduous shrub with 4-gonous lateral branches often ending in spines, leaves simple, flowers are white or rose colored.
Holy Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctum Oil) – It is derived from the plant of Ocimum sanctum belonging to family Labiatae. It has been widely grown throughout the world and commonly cultivated in gardens.
Essential Oils – J
Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasminum Grandiflorum) – Jasmine is an evergreen, fragile, climbing shrub, that can grow up to 10 meters (33 feet) high and has dark green leaves and small white star-shaped flowers.
Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasminum Sambac) – Jasminum sambac is an evergreen vine or shrub reaching up to 0.5 to 3 m (1.6 to 9.8 ft) tall. The species is highly variable, possibly a result of spontaneous mutation, natural hybridization.
Juniper Berry Essential Oil  Juniper oil can be extracted from the berries, as well as the needles and wood. It has a fresh, clear but slightly woody aroma and is a pale oil with a watery viscosity.
Essential Oils – K
Kewra Essential Oil  Kewda (Pandanus odoratissimus) absolute oil is hydro-distilled from the flower part of the plant.
Essential Oils – L
Lavender Essential Oil  Lavender Oil is derived from Lavender, which is an evergreen woody shrub that has pale green, narrow linear leaves & violet blue flowers.
Lemon Balm Essential Oil – Melissa Oil comes from plants just before first flowers appear as aroma is less interesting when plant is in full bloom. The oil is steam distilled from melissa leaves & tops.
Lemon Essential Oil  This evergreen tree grows up to about 6 meters (20 feet) and has dark green serrated oval leaves with pink/white flowers that are highly perfumed.
Lemon Verbena Essential Oil  It is a deciduous, perennial shrub that grows up to 5 meters (16 feet) in height and has a woody stem, very fragrant, delicate, pale green leaves and small purple flowers.
Lemongrass Essential Oil  Lemongrass Oil is derived from Lemongrass, which is a fast growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass native to Asia.
Lily Essential Oil – Representative of purity, Lilies have been used in ceremonies since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, the bride in wedding ceremonies would wear a crown of lilies and wheat symbolizing purity and abundance.
Essential Oils – M
Melissa Essential Oil  Melissa oil has a sweet, fresh and citrus-like smell. The natural essential oil comes in pale yellow color and has a watery viscosity.
Mentha Citrata Essential Oil – These oils are originated in asia, central and southern europe and are colourless to yellowish clear liquid.
Mint Essential Oil  Mints are aromatic, almost exclusively perennial, rarely annual, herbs. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, from oblong tolanceolate, often downy, and with a serrate margin.
Myrrh Essential Oil – This evergreen tree grows up to about 6 meters (20 feet) and has dark green serrated oval leaves with pink/white flowers that are highly perfumed.
Myrtle Essential Oil – Myrtle Oil is a pale yellow or yellow mobile liquid that has intensely fresh lemon-like odor with pleasant sweet-green undertone.
Essential Oils – N
Neem Essential Oil – Neem Oil is obtained from Azadirachta Indica (commonly referred as neem) tree which is originally found in India. Featured with medium height, this evergreen tree is notable for its lenghy white flowers and semi circular leaves that have distinctively rough texture.
Neroli Essential Oil – Neroli Essential Oil is extracted from small, white, waxy flowers of Citrus aurantium var. amara (also known as Citrus vulgaris) of Rutaceae family. Extracted through steam distillation process.
Niaouli Essential Oil  Niaouli essential oil is taken out from Melaleuca viridiflora of Myrtaceae family. It has slightly sweet, fresh smell with color varying from colorless to pale yellow and greenish.
Nutmeg Essential Oil – A spreading deciduous evergreen tree 15 to 20-meters (49 to 66 ft) high, with dark green leaves, yellow flowers without petals and large yellowish fruit. Nutmeg is the actual seed of the tree.
Essential Oils – P
Palmarosa Essential Oil – A perennial, sweet scented grass, 1.5-2.5 m in height. Palmarosa is a bright and cheerful oil with slightly floral and woodsy notes and just a hint of citrus undertones.
Patchouli Essential Oil – Patchouli is a member of the mint family. It is a large 3 feet perennial mint which grows in tropical climates.
Peppermint Essential Oil – Peppermint is a perennial herb that grows up to 1 meter (3 feet) high and has slightly hairy serrated leaves with pinkish-mauve flowers arranged in a long conical shape.
Peru Balsam Essential Oil – Balsam oil is derived from Balsam Peru, which is a large tropical tree having straight smooth trunk & beautiful foliage including very fragrant flowers.
Petitgrain Essential Oil – Petitgrain is an essential oil that is extracted from the green twigs of the bitter orange plant (Citrus aurantium var. amara) via steam distillation.
Pimento Berry Essential Oil  Pimento Berry Oil is steam purification from the fully grown, crushed, and dried fruit. Unripe fruits are from the West Indian plant is known as Pimenta Officinalis.
Pine Essential Oil – This evergreen tree can grow up to 40 meters (130 feet) and has a flat crown. The bark is a reddish-brown that is deeply fissured with needle-like gray-green leaves.
Psoralea Corylifolia Essential Oil – An erect herbaceous annual, 60-120 cm high with grooved and gland dotted stems and branches. It is found throughout India in Himalayas.
Essential Oils – R
Rose Essential Oil (centifolia) – A small, erect, prickly shrub with unequal, large, hooked prickles and many bristles, leaves compound, alternate, leaflets usually five, rachis not prickly, flowers usually pink, very fragrant.
Rose Essential Oil (Damascena) – A small, erect, prickly shrub with unequal, large, hooked prickles and many bristles, leaves compound, alternate, leaflets usually five, rachis not prickly, flowers usually pink, very fragrant.
Rosemary Essential Oil  This evergreen tree can grow up to 40 meters (130 feet) and has a flat crown. The bark is a reddish-brown that is deeply fissured with needle-like gray-green leaves.
Rosewood Essential Oil – Rosewood oil offered by us retains the natural healing qualities of the original plant. Its effectiveness in curing various skin infections is proof of its purity.
Essential Oils – S
Spearmint Essential Oil  Spearmint is a hardy perennial herb that reaches about 1 meter (3 feet) in height. It has bright green lance-shaped, sharply serrated leaves and pink or lilac-colored flowers.
Spikenard Essential Oil (Jatamansi Oil)  Jatamansi is a tender aromatic herb with a pungent rhizome root and native to the mountainous regions of northern India, as well as China and Japan.
St. John’s Wort Essential Oil  It is a plant that is commonly called just St. John’s Wort. The herb is a European perennial herb with serrated or perforated leaves.
Sugandh Mantri Essential Oil – Sugandh mantri essential oils are known for high purity and have a mesmerizing aroma that makes them widely used in aromatherapy applications.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil – It is distilled from the peel of the fruit. It has a lively, fruity, sweet aroma.
Essential Oils – T
Tagetes Essential Oil – Tagetes is an annual herb up to 60 cm high with soft, oval, pale leaves and bright orange daisy-like flowers. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the fresh flowering herb.
Tangerine (Mandarine) Essential Oil – The Tangerine oil is extracted from Citrus reticulata of the Rutaceae family by cold pressed method.
Tea Tree Essential Oil  The Tea tree is a small tree or shrub with needle-like leaves. The light yellow tea tree oil is produced by steaming the pine-needle-like tea tree leaves to force out the oil.
Thuja Wood Essential Oil – The shoots of trees are usually flat, with side shoots only in a single plane. The leaves have scale shape-like 1–10 mm long, except young seedlings in their first year, which have needle-like leaves.
Turmeric Leaf Essential Oil – Turmeric is a perennial plant with roots or tubers about 1 metre in height. Indian turmeric is considered the best in the world.
Essential Oils – V
Valerian Essential Oil  – Valerian has about 200 perennial herb and small shrub. The plant is found throughout Europe and Northern Asia.
Vanilla Essential Oil  Vanilla Oil is a solvent extracted from the beans of Vanilla plant. Vanilla is grown in India, Egypt and Bourbon. The absolute is dark brown in color and has a sweet, heavy and warm odor.
Vetiver Essential Oil – It is a tall, tufted, perennial, scented grass with long narrow leaves. The oil is obtained from the root by distillation. It has a long-lasting woody fragrance.
Essential Oils – W
Wintergreen Essential Oil – Wintergreen is a small evergreen herb which grows up to 15cm (6 in) high, with slender stems, leathery serrated leaves and drooping white flowers, followed by fleshy scarlet berries.
Worm Wood Essential Oil – Wormwood Essential Oil is highly demanded because of its powerful medicinal properties. The extraction offered by us is of high concentration and purity and retains the distinctive smell of wormwood.
Essential Oils – Y
Yara Yara Essential Oil (Yarrow Oil) – Yara Yara essential oil or Yarrow oil is highly effective essential oil that is taken out by steam distillation process from the flowers of a perennial herb that has simple stem.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga Oil) – It is a tall tropical tree about 20 meters (60 feet) high with large, tender, fragrant pink, mauve or yellow flowers.
Essential Oils – Z
Zanthoxylum Essential Oil – It grows throughout Nepal between 1100m-2500m. Also found in the Himalayas (Kashmir to Bhutan), N. India, East to China, Taiwan, Philippines, Lesser Sunda Islands.