Vinayak Ingredients India Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation) are specialist manufacturers of Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Pigments, Solvent Dyes and Food Colours. Our products are mainly catering to industries like FMCG, Pharma, Textiles, Inks, Household Products etc. Our products are famous in the market for its quality and efficacy.

VIPL team consists of expert chemical engineers / graduates who possess a through knowledge about these dyes. We use modern sophisticated technologies to deliver high quality solutions. This is driving a rapidly increasing demand for our products.

Quality Attributes

Our wide variety of products are in compliance with the global standards. Our factory possesses quality control labs to check the control of the products we offer.


VIPL possess a team of dedicated employees with good knowledge and experience about the industry.

Acid Dyes – This range of powder / liquid anionic dyes provides high wash fastness as well as color quality. It is soluble in water, a blend of water / glycolether / glycol or partial soluble in selective solvents. Our product offers very good fastness properties and most suitable for coloration of Leather, Paper, Nylon, Modified Acrylic Fibers, Silk, Wool and many more.
Direct Dyes Direct Dyes, a part of mixing components in ‘all purpose’ dyes and do not require any type of fixing with other dyes. Direct Dyes are eligible for light fast dyeing and are also resistant to fading in light. They are used on cellulose fibers like Cotton, Rayon and Linen.
Reactive Dyes Reactive Dyes come from class of highly colored organic substances that find application in tinting of textiles. These dyes have a low utilization degree as compared to other types of dyes, since the functional group also bonds to water. Reactive dyes can also be used on Dye Wool, Nylon and Cotton.
Solvent Dyes As the name suggests are dyes or colorants that are soluble in an organic solvent (or solvent). There are important applications in which the solvent dyes are used directly into the product to be colored.
Pigments We offer our customer high quality organic pigment emulsion. These have all requirements for formation of a stable, water fats and bright resin film. Our products are suitable for coloring paint, ink, plastic, fabric, cosmetics, food, and other materials.

Vinayak Ingredients India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Dyes & Pigments, for enquiries please contact us at the details mentioned below:

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