Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes, also called Substantive Dye, are another class of dyes that are part of mixing components in ‘all purpose’ dyes. These dyes are eligible for light fast dyeing, which means it is resistant to fading in light.

These are usually cheap and easily applied, and they can yield bright colours. We can offer these in both powder as well as in liquid concentrate form.

Properties of Direct Dyes:

• Direct dyes are water soluble dyes
• Have sulphonate that improves solubility
• Fastness properties are average specially wet fastness.

Applications of Direct Dyes:

• Cotton
• Rayon
• Linen

List of Direct Dyes:
Product Colour Shade Product Colour Shade
Brilliant Paper Yellow Direct Yellow 4 Fast Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6
Paper Yellow GL Direct Yellow 11 Chrysophenine G Direct Yellow 12
Yellow 5GLL Direct Yellow 44 Light Yellow R Direct Yellow 50
Yellow 2R Direct Yellow 86 Sun Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
Fast Orange SE Direct Orange 26 Orange TGLL(Y) Direct Orange 34
Orange TGLL(R) Direct Orange 39 Viscous Orange A Direct Orange 108
Fast Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23 Fast Red 12B Direct Red 31
Fast Red BLN Direct Red 80 Fast Red 5B Direct Red 81
Fast Red 4BN Direct Red 239 Fast Red 8BN Direct Red 254
Green BL Direct Green 26 Fast Violet MB Direct Violet 9
Brilliant Violet Helio B Direct Violet 51 Blue GLL Direct Blue 71
Turquoise Blue G Direct Blue 86 Turquoise Blue BL Direct Blue 199
Fast Brown MN Direct Brown 44 Black VSF Direct Black 22
Diazo Black OB Direct Black 80 Black F2G Direct Black 155
Black SB Direct Black 168