Enteric diseases are a common problem in modern pig producon worldwide. The diseases are oen related to certain animal age categories (e.g. neonatal diarrhea, post-weaning diarrhea) and hence less aenon is given to the enteric diseases of growing pigs who have passed that crical age of susceptibility.

The digesve pathology of the piglets and of other age groups is mainly impacted by bacteria, viruses and protozoa by their antagonisc effect on the gut which leads to diarrhea. The results obtained by currently used alternaves (organic acids, Cu and Zn compounds, probiocs, prebiocs, etc.) are unpredictable and somemes not acceptable because of their effect on the environment polluon. Since diarrhea severely reduces the overall growth performances by reducon of feed intake, maldigeson and malabsorpon, it can greatly impact the profitability of
pig producon enterprise.

DIABOULARD is a unique combinaon of selected fay acids and naturally occurring substances derived from herbs having strong an-diarrheal properes, along with Saccharomyces boulardii. These constuents synergiscally prevent digesve upsets due to bacterial overgrowth and or viral infecons.

The biologically acve phytocompounds of DIABOULARD acts at various levels, extracellularly and intracellularly to inhibit diarrhea causing pathogens and or their enterotoxins.

MCFA in DIABOULARD have very high bacteriostac and bactericidal acvity against both gram + and gram – bacteria (which is at par with anbioc growth promoters according to numerous studies).

Saccharomyces boulardii exhibits an-diarrheal effect by three main acons, viz. anmicrobial acon, trophic acon and immunoregulaon. The anmicrobial acon is aributed to direct an-toxin effects and inhibion of growth and invasion of pathogens. The trophic acon includes an-inflammatory effects, fluid absorpon, enzyme expression on microvilli and regulaon of many intesnal funcons. As a immunoregulatory effect, it preserves intesnal integrity and modulates inflammaon prevenng bacterial translocaon and intesnal lesions.

Salient Features

  • Effecve against all types of diarrhea (including those not caused by infecous agents)
  • Product efficacy not affected by gastric acid and bile secreons
  • Safe to environment
  • Compable with anbiocs