Coffee Oil

Coffee plants are native to the tropical regions of South America, Asia and Africa. The plant is a small shrub that typically reaches 3-4 meters in height. The seeds of the coffee plant are commonly referred to as beans. Roasting coffee beans changes the chemical and aromatic composition of the beans.

Roasted Coffee Oil, Coffea arabica, promotes excellent moisture retention, quick penetration and good adherence within cosmetic applications.


Highly Moisturizing

Light to Medium Texture

Quick Absorption

Herbaceous Aroma

Roasted Coffee Oil is a highly recommended ingredient in products for:

Skin Care

Hair Care

Nail Care

Lip Care


Blends Well with many Essential Oils:

Roasted coffee scfe co2 blends well with a number of essential oils like petit grain, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, ambrette seed, vanilla, amyris labdanum, lavender, balsam of peru, ginger, cocoa, jasmine, clove and black pepper. It has a stimulating and hot fragrance just like fresh coffee brewed in a pot. The phytosterols present in the oil helps the skin endorses excellent retention of moisture and good loyalty and better saturation within the cosmetic applications. It is known for itsherbal like aroma, moisturizing nature, quick absorption, light texture and high sterol content. Sterol is an important content which is highly recommended in the manufacture of products for treating, brittle, dry, cracked and damaged skin. It is also good for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, damaged and dry hair and also is lip care.

Different Uses:

The oil is rich in caffeine and is used widely in making anti cellulite products for body care. The oil is non- irritating, non toxic and safe to use and because of this it is popularly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. The antioxidant property of the oil helps to fight fever, depressions, stings, respiratory problems and general nausea. It is widely used as a flavoring and food additive and is combined to make many kinds of beverages. The roasted coffee oil is used for massaging on the body, inhaling and infusion purposes. It is added in medicinal supplements and added to syrups too.

Espresso plants are local to the tropical districts of South America, Asia and Africa. The plant is a little bush that normally achieves 3-4 meters in stature. The seeds of the espresso plant are regularly alluded to as beans. Broiling espresso beans changes the compound and fragrant sythesis of the beans.

Broiled Coffee Oil, Coffea arabica, advances magnificent dampness maintenance, fast infiltration and great adherence inside corrective applications.


Very Moisturizing

Light to Medium Texture

Speedy Absorption

Herbaceous Aroma

Broiled Coffee Oil is an exceedingly suggested fixing in items for:

Healthy skin

Hair Care

Nail Care

Lip Care



Broiled espresso scfe co2 utilized generally for nourishment season, beautifiers, fragrant healing and diverse kinds of excellence items. The oil is separated from simmered espresso beans called Coffee Arabica and cooking technique enables release, to caramelize and mellow the starches, fats and sugar present in the espresso beans. The extraction procedure done here produces fragile simmered espresso oil. It has a novel taste and smell. The nature of the oil got relies upon the nature of the espresso beans utilized for extraction. Additionally ensure that the great quality espresso beans are simmered well. The broiled espresso oil is marginally thick and dim dark colored in shading and the fluid has thick to medium consistency. The oil has a rich and solid smell with smoky undercurrents. The oil contains phytosterols, fundamental unsaturated fats, caffeine and cell reinforcements.

Mixes Well with numerous Essential Oils:

Broiled espresso scfe co2 mixes well with various fundamental oils like petit grain, ylang, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, ambrette seed, vanilla, amyris labdanum, lavender, resin of peru, ginger, cocoa, jasmine, clove and dark pepper. It has an invigorating and hot aroma simply like new espresso fermented in a pot. The phytosterols present in the oil helps the skin supports amazing maintenance of dampness and great dedication and better immersion inside the restorative applications. It is known for its home grown like smell, saturating nature, fast retention, light surface and high sterol content. Sterol is an imperative substance which is exceedingly prescribed in the fabricate of items for treating, weak, dry, broke and harmed skin. It is additionally useful for skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, harmed and dry hair and furthermore is lip care.

Distinctive Uses:

The oil is wealthy in caffeine and is utilized broadly in making hostile to cellulite items for body care. The oil is non-chafing, non harmful and safe to utilize and on account of this it is famously utilized in the produce of beautifying agents. The cancer prevention agent property of the oil battles fever, despondencies, stings, respiratory issues and general queasiness. It is broadly utilized as a seasoning and nourishment added substance and is consolidated to make numerous sorts of refreshments. The cooked espresso oil is utilized for kneading on the body, breathing in and imbuement purposes. It is included therapeutic enhancements and added to syrups as well.

Coffee Essential Oil

Botanical Name           : Coffea arabica

Common Name           : Coffee beans

CAS #                              : 84650-00-0

Plant Parts Used           : Seeds

Extraction Method      : Cold Pressed

Color & Odor                : Dark Brown with a fresh brewed pot of coffee odor

Description :

Coffea Arabica is the earliest cultivated species of the coffee tree and still the most widely grown.

Constituents & Specifications :


Specific Gravity : 0.925 – 0.960 @ 25°C

Refractive Index : 1.45 to 1.48 @ 25°C

Properties :

Antioxidant, diuretic, stimulant, deodorizer

Benefits & Uses :

  • Coffee Essential Oil has a multitude of possible uses. It can be burned as a room deodorizer and is considered to be an excellent anti-oxidant. It has also been used to combat depression, respiratory issues, stings, fevers, and general nausea.
  • Coffee oil is used for flavouring confectionery such as chocolate and baked goods, cosmetic products such as sun blocks and colognes, and medical treatments for headaches, asthma and increasing blood pressure and heart and lung activity.