Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Cymbopogon winterianus

Common Name : Citronella oil, Cymbopogon winterianus jowitt oil

CAS # : 8000-29-1

Plant Parts Used : Leaves

Extraction Method :Steam distillation

Color & Odor : Pale yellow to dark yellow clear liquid with fresh, sweet, weedy, woody odor

Constituents & Specifications :

Fatty acids: oleic- 78.71% palmitic- 4.85% linoleic- 12.44% linolenic- 0.08% stearic- 2.40%

Product Description :

Citronella oil is extracted from a hardy grass, found in eastern parts of India and nortern Himalayan range.

Properties :

It has antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant, warming, mood uplifter and insecticide properties.

Benefits & Uses :

  • Citronella oil is used for relieving headaches, migraines and rheumatism. Its antiseptic qualities are good for fighting colds and flu.
  • It is also used in candle making, scented soaps, potpourri, room spray, refresher oil fragrance oil, scented envelope candles and cubes votive candle.
  • It is mostly used in the fragrance industry as turning candle making like Parfum Magnifique, Spa Luxury, Fragrance Oils and Yummy Fragrance and feng shui candle, natural wax candles, unity candle arrangements, roman candles and environmentally friendly candles.
  • It is used as insect repellents.

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