Carmine Food Colour

Carmine Food Colour

The pigment is extracted from the bodies of female insects. The insects are dried and extracted with alkalized hot water. The resulting liquid is then spray dried to form fine powder.

Carmines and Carminic acid are obtained from aqueous, aqueous Alcoholic or alcoholic extracts from Cochineal, which consists of the dried bodies of the Female insect Dactylopius Coccus Costa. The colouring principle is carminic acid. Aluminium Lakes of Carminic Acid (Carmines) can be formed in which aluminium and carminic acid are thought to be present in the molar ratio.

E-Number: E120

C. I. No. : 75470

Alternative Names: Carminic Acid

Product Range
• Carmine Colour Powder − Water Soluble − Upto 52 % Caraminic Acid
• Carmine Oil Soluble Suspension − Upto 12 % Caraminic Acid

Strength: 1-50 %

Form: Liquid & Powder

Application: Sauces, Meat Product, Soups, Bakery Product.

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