Carmine Food Colour

Carmine Food Colour

The pigment is extracted from the bodies of female insects. The insects are dried and extracted with alkalized hot water. The resulting liquid is then spray dried to form fine powder.

Carminic acid is the water soluble pigment derived from the female cochineal insect by aqueous extraction. It is basically 17-24% of the dried weight of the insect extracted from body and eggs. It is further mixed with Al or Ca salts to precipitate carmine lake which gives bright red colour. It has the advantage of being stable when exposed to heat, light and oxygen.

Cochineal extract and carmine are natural anthraquinone red colors. Depending on the extraction method, water or alcohol different shades of the carmine pigment can be obtained, ranging from bright “strawberry” magenta red in low PH to “blackcurrant” purple in high PH. Carmine has excellent heat and light stability and is used as food coloring in; processed fish and meat, confectionary, dairy, bakery, snacks, juice drinks and healthcare & cosmetics.

E-Number: E120

C. I. No. : 75470

Alternative Names: Carminic Acid

Product Range
• Carmine Colour Powder − Water Soluble − Upto 52 % Caraminic Acid
• Carmine Oil Soluble Suspension − Upto 12 % Caraminic Acid

Strength: 1-50 %

Form: Liquid & Powder

Application: Sauces, Meat Product, Soups, Bakery Product.

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