Cade Essential Oil

Cade Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Juniperus Oxycedrus

Common Name : Cade Juniper Oil, Oil of Juniper Oil

CAS # : 8013-10-3

Plant Parts Used : Branches and heartwood

Extraction Method : Steam distillation and expression

Color & Odor : Dark red brown colour viscous liquid with strong empyreumatic tar-like odour & warm bitter taste.

Constituents & Specifications :

Phenols (creosol, guaiacol), sesquiterpenes (cadinene) and terpenes.

Product Description :

Cade Oil gives the oil a smoky scent. Cade essential oil comes in dark red brown and dark brown colors.

Properties : 

It is analgesic, anti-microbial, anti-pruritic, antiseptic, disinfectant, parasiticide and vermifuge. Cade Oil should not be used on broken or inflamed skin. Use with caution on face, skin flexures or on genital organs.

Benefits & Uses :

  • Cade Oil is used for a number of medicinal ways like diabetes, high blood pressure, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea and peptic ulcer disease. Cade Oil is also used to treat skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, hair loss.
  • Cade Oil is used to deal with hair and skin conditions that may be dandruff, scalp infections with hair loss, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin irritations or eruptions.
  • Cade essential oil is used as an ingredient of liniments and ointments for chronic skin diseases of the scaly.
  • Pure Cade essential oil is one of the best remedies for hair loss, dandruff; hair weakened by dyeing and bleaching, and skin eruptions.

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