Blended Food Colours

Vinayak Corporation also offers Blended Food Colours prepared from previously certified batches of primary colors. The blended illustrated here represent only a selection of widely used blends. Blends can be made available to meet specific requirements of a customer in terms of shade and strength.

Egg Yellow VC 10
Yolk Yellow VC 11
Orange Red VC 12
Strawberry Red VC 13
Rose Pink VC 14
Raspberry Red VC 15
Grape VC 16
Violet VC 17
Coffee Brown VC 18
Chocolate Brown VC 19
Dark Chocolate VC 20
Lime Green VC 21
Apple Green VC 22
Pea Green VC 23
Black Currant VC 24

Vinayak Ingredients India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Blended Food Colours, for enquiries please contact us at the details mentioned below:

Tel: +91 9167676662