Betel Leaf Essential Oil

Betel Leaf Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Piper betle

Common Name : Copticum, Betel Leaf Oil, Carum Copticum, Paan

CAS # : 84775-81-5

Plant Parts Used : Leaves

Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Color & Odor : Clear yellow to dark brown liquid with creosote-like odor.

Constituents & Specifications :

Betel phenol (chavibetol), chaviol and cadinene.

Product Description :

Betel Leaf Oil is derived from Betal Leaf plant leaves that yield this aromatic essential oil. The heart-shaped leaves have distinct pleasant aroma & are commonly chewed alone or with other plant materials.

Properties :

Stimulating, carminative, aromatic, antiseptic, warming and aphrodisiac.

Benefits & Uses :

  • The betel leaf essential oil is valued in Ayurveda for its stimulating, carminative, aromatic, antiseptic, warming and aphrodisiac properties. It has several medicinal applications among natives and is especially used to harden gums, preserve teeth and sweeten breath.
  • It also improves voice and is reputed aphrodisiac.

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