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Beetroot Food Colour

Beetroot Food Colour

Red Beet Root Colour is obtained from Beet Juice extracted from the roots of the vegetable called Beta Vulgaris. The Pigment present in the beetroot is known asr betanin Beet Root Red gives a bright red to bluish red colour depending on application and pH. between four and five it is bright bluish-red, becoming blue-violet as the pH increases. Once the pH reaches alkaline levels betanin degrades by hydrolysis, resulting in a yellow-brown color. Beet Root Colour is sensitive to heat and prolonged heating at above 80-90 C will result in degradation of colour.
Product Forms Available – powder
 Water Soluble Powder –
 Recommended Dosage Level
 Between 0.01% to 0.1% depending on the required colour shade

Alternative Names: Betanin

E-Number: E162

Color Shade Of Beet Root Powder

Strength: 0.2-0.35 %

Form: Powder

Application: Products, Deserts, Ice-Creams & Soft Drinks.

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