Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Amyris Balsamifera

Common Name : Amyris Essential Oil, West Indian Sandalwood

CAS # : 8015-65-4

Plant Parts Used : Wood & branches

Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Color & Odor : Viscous pale yellow liquid with Faintly woody, slightly sweet, reminiscent of Sandalwood

Constituents & Specifications :

valerianol (22%), beta-eudesmol (17%) and gamma-eudesmol (11%).

Product Description :

Amyris Oil has numerous advantages which can elevate the body and mind and have numerous wellbeing points of interest which make it successful natural oil. The oil is broadly utilized in reflection and restorative back rub and furthermore as a base fixative in making scents and cleansers. The oil is likewise included creams, beautifying agents, incense, and scents for included aroma. Amyris oil is proper for use in shower, inhaler, fog splash, steam inward breath, steam room, and sauna. The oil is a successful narcotic, decongestant and sterile and has emollient properties. Amyris oil functions admirably in skin recovery and backs off untimely maturing. The cooling property of the oil facilitates crabbiness, sexual strain and dissatisfaction. Amyris oil can be utilized by artists, specialists and artists since it enhances creative ability and imagination. The oil can be utilized by adding a couple of drops to an oil burner or diffuser and this diminishes the psyche from nervousness or stress. It can likewise be added to helpful back rub oil to give unwinding. It tends to be utilized topically simply in the wake of weakening with some other bearer oil. The oil is viewed as non-dangerous, non-sharpening and non-disturbing yet individuals with touchy skin ought to be watchful while utilizing it since it might cause bothering.

Properties :

Antiseptic, balsamic, sedative, calming and an aid to stress relief. It has sedative properties and helps during meditation. Muscle relaxant, emollient, soothing agent, stimulant.

Benefits & Uses :

  • It has antiseptic, balsamic, sedative & calming properties and aids in providing relief from stress. It also acts as muscle relaxant, soothing agent, emollient and stimulant. Further, it is also used as a room fragrance or mood fragrance, fixative or as component of soap fragrance. It also has limited use in flavoring work especially liqueurs.
  • Amyris essential oil has been used for wound washes, influenza, childbirth recovery, and diarrhea.
  • Amyris has a sweet-woody and balsamic smell with great fixative esteem and it unwinds and quiet the brain and aides in reducing pressure and nervousness.
  • The oil elevates the state of mind and goes about as a love potion when utilized in little sums in a mix.
  • It is an extremely powerful clean, narcotic and aides in enhancing blood dissemination and it quiets the skin and brain.

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