Acid Dyes

High wash fastness is an important requirement for clothing industry all over the world. Acid Dyes meets this requirement and also maintains color quality.

As water soluble anionic dyes, acid dyes are used on fibers like nylon, modified acrylic fibers, silk, wool. The attachment to fiber is because of salt formation between anionic groups in dyes and cationic groups in fiber and is not substantive to cellulosic fibers.

These can be used commercially by studio dyers for dyeing of protein / animal fibers.

Properties of Acid Dyes:

• Suitable against angora, wool, silk, some nylons and synthetics.
• Requiring acid like vinegar, acetic / sulphuric acid for of color.
• Acid dyes comprises sodium salts of sulfonic acids / phenolic groups.
• Less tinctorial values with higher light fastness.

Applications of Acid Dyes:

• Leather
• Paper
• Nylon
• Modified Acrylic Fibers
• Silk
• Wool

List of Acid Dyes:
Product Colour Shade Product Colour Shade
 border= Yellow G Acid Yellow 11 18820  border= Yellow G Acid Yellow 11 18820
 border= Yellow 2GL Acid Yellow 17  border= Tartarzine Yellow N Acid Yellow 23 19140
 border= Metanil Yellow R Acid Yellow 36 13065  border= Milling Yellow R Acid Yellow 42 22910
 border= Yellow RG Acid Yellow 49  border= Yellow 2GLN Acid Yellow 59
 border= Uranine Fluoresceine Acid Yellow 73  border= Yellow GR Acid Yellow 99
 border= Yellow GL Acid Yellow 114  border= Yellow M3RL Acid Yellow 194
 border= Fur Yellow E Acid Orange 3 10385  border= Orange II Acid Orange 7 15510
 border= Orange G Acid Orange 10 16230  border= Orange MG Acid Orange 74 18745
 border= Orange 2RL Acid Orange 80  border= Orange RL Acid Orange 86
 border= Orange 2RL Acid Orange 142  border= Red 2G Acid Red 1 18050
 border= Carmoisine Red Acid Red 14  border= Scarlet 3R Acid Red 18
 border= Amaranth Red Acid Red 27  border= Erythrosine Acid Red 51
 border= Crosin Scarlet MOO Acid Red 73 27290  border= Fast Red A Acid Red 88 15620
 border= Red G Acid Red 97 22890  border= Maroon V Acid Red 119
 border= Brilliant Red 3BN Acid Red 131  border= Red GRE Acid Red 183 18800
 border= Pink BE Acid Red 186  border= Red ML Acid Red 357
 border= Green PXE Acid Green 1 10020  border= Green V (333%) Acid Green 16 44025
 border= Green B Acid Green 20 20495  border= Green G Acid Green 25 61570
 border= Green GD Acid Green 68:1  border= Patent Blue VS Acid Blue 1 42045
 border= Patent Blue V Acid Blue 3  border= Patent Blue AS Acid Blue 7 42080
 border= Blue FCF Acid Blue 9 42080  border= Blue FF Acid Blue 15 42645
 border= Blue KK Acid Blue 25 15025  border= Indigo Carmine Acid Blue 74
 border= Blue S5R Acid Blue 113 26360  border= Blue 2G Acid Blue 158
 border= Dark Blue MTR Acid Blue 193 15707  border= Violet 4BN Acid Violet 17 42650
 border= Violet 4BS Acid Violet 49 42640  border= Dark Violet R Acid Violet 66
 border= Bordeaux MB Acid Violet 90  border= Brown RD Acid Brown 14 20195
 border= Brown GR Acid Brown 15  border= Brown 2RL Acid Brown 45
 border= Brown 5R Acid Brown 48  border= Brown G Acid Brown 58
 border= Brown NR Acid Brown 75 34905  border= Havana Brown P Acid Brown 83 20250
 border= Brown 5G Acid Brown 98  border= Brown HEDG Acid Brown 106
 border= Brown NGP Acid Brown 161  border= Brown NT Acid Brown 165
 border= Brown 3G Acid Brown 188  border= Brown B2C Acid Brown 213 34907
 border= Brown BT Acid Brown 214  border= Cocoa Brown GR Acid Brown 282
 border= Brown BR Acid Brown 348  border= Brown SG Acid Brown 349
 border= Brown MBL Acid Brown 355  border= Brown M2RL Acid Brown 365
 border= Brown SGL Acid Brown 402  border= Brown GOL Acid Brown 422
 border= Brown NK Acid Brown 425  border= Brown RN Acid Brown 432
 border= Brown 5GL Acid Brown 452  border= Black 10BX Acid Black 1 20470
 border= Nigrosine Black Acid Black 2 50420  border= Black WA Acid Black 52 15711
 border= Grey BL Acid Black 58  border= Black BL Acid Black 63 (Powder / Liquid) 12195
 border= Grey SBL Acid Black 84 17560  border= Black GR Acid Black 172 (Powder / Liqiud) 15711:1
 border= Black MSRL Acid Black 194 (Powder / Liquid)  border= Black NT Acid Black 210 (Powder / Liquid) 30285
 border= Black NBG Acid Black 234 (Powder / Liquid) 30027  border= Black ATT
 border= Black CLI  border= Carbon Black
 border= Jet Black

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