The main source of energy to the animals is carbohydrates. Diet rich in readily fermented carbohydrates like grains, results in the formation of excessive amounts of acid. Which results in a change in ruminal acidity and osmolarity. High acid production damages the ruminal and intestinal wall, decrease blood pH and cause dehydration that proves fatal to animals.

Sometimes, animals recover from acidosis but nutrient absorption may be retarded. With chronic acidosis, feed intake typically is reduced but variable and performance is depressed, probably due to hypertonicity of digesta.

So to correct this metabolic acidosis, a herbal and highly potential animal feed supplement has been developed. Acicor, is rich with fiber digesting yeasts, acid utilizing bacteria, natural neutralizing agents and dietary buffers.

Mode of Action

Fiber digesting yeasts and acid utilizing bacteria in AciCor have a positive effect on rumen fermentation especially on feed digestibility and degradability and rumen microbiota. It enhances the cellulolysis and synthesis of microbial protein during digestion and stabilizes rumen pH and lactate levels. In addition, AciCor is able to enhance nutrient absorption and thus, minimizes the chances’ for ruminal acidosis.


• Neutralizes the acid content in the rumen

• Act as a buffering agent

• Maintain the rumen osmolarity

• Protect the ruminants form developing metabolic acidosis

• Improves growth and multiplication of ruminal microflora, thereby enhances fiber digestibility

• Restores rumeno-regular mobility, thereby enhances digestion