Impact of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are omnipresent in high moisture feed ingredients and under practical conditions, no poultry feed is free of any mycotoxin. Their magnitude of toxicity depends not only on their type and concentration but also on the age, body weight, and immune response of birds. They exhibit considerable pharmacological effects even at very low concentrations (ppb) and their toxicity may be further enhanced by subsequent metabolism in vivo, particularly by the liver. Most of the production problems that seem to be inexplicable are mostly attributed to the mycotoxins and their adverse effects are sometimes many folds indicating a clear and persistent danger.

  • Direct health challenges (mycotoxicosis, reduced immune response) Reduced feed intake
  • Reduced nutrient absorption (excretion of lipids)
  • Reproduction problems(loss in fertility, hatchability)
  • Residues in meat/egg

There is no safe level of mycotoxins, however, permissible levels in poultry feeds are decided on basis of the economic impact of a given level of contamination.


A unique combination of high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mould inhibitors and anti-fungal elements along with lipotropic agents makes VINSORB – BIO a very effective binder for high levels of toxins and where the nature of toxin is unknown or its presence uncertain.

  • Mortality reduction
  • Improved feed intake
  • Increased weight gain
  • Better FCR
  • Increased egg production

Salient Features

Mycotoxin Adsorption
  • Rapid Detoxification – Mycotoxins must be reduced within 30 minutes of digest a being solubilized.
  • Multiple toxin binding – Binds a wide range of mycotoxins without impairing nutrient bioavailability.
Liver Protection

Combats secondary effects of mycotoxins – Aflatoxins decreased ability to metabolize fat, protein, and starch. The fatty infiltration of the liver due to Aflatoxins is also prevented due to lipotropic agents present in VINSORB – BIO.

Mould Inhibition

Mould Inhibition – Buffered organic acids and elemental copper in VINSORB – BIO enhances pre-feeding effectiveness by controlling major mycotoxin producing fungi in the feeds.

Feed Mill Friendly
  • Low inclusion rate yet easy to mix uniformly.
  • No affinity for vitamins, minerals, etc. hence no dilution or destruction of nutrients.