Consumers paying more attention towards “Natural Foods”

According to a survey around 95% of the people around the world are having problems.

Mostly it is because of the consumption of unhealthy and non nutritious food such as various cold/sugary drinks, most pizzas, white bread, and gluten free/low crab. junk foods, without knowing its content.

It is found that most of the killer diseases are related to the cardiovascular problems generally caused due to the unhealthy diet.

Over some years of period studies has found just 4.3% people to have no health problems.

To increase this percentage of healthiness one should look after his/her diet and try to consume the organic and natural food as it has low sugar content, high in fiber, more nutritious and helpful to cure health related problems.

Yes, one cannot focus to eat such food regularly due to their hectic schedule and shortage of time. Thus you can move towards the food having natural ingredient contents in the food.

Contents can be in the form of any Food colors, Flavouring agents, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Fillers, Binders, Lubricants, Antioxidants, Humectants, Coating agents, Buffering Agents in various food industries like Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Confectionary and Pharmaceuticals etc.

More people are moving totally towards the consumption of natural, herbal and quality food which results to the healthy diet and thus healthy lifestyle.

An industrial application of all natural food additives and ingredients can embed a good reputation and demand of products in the market and thus increase the brand name and values.

Invest in Naturals..!!

Annatto – Natural Food Color: Origin, Uses & Benefits.

Natural Annato food colors- liquid - powder

Annatto is a Natural food colour obtained from outer layer of seeds of tropical tree bixa orellana.

It is an orange-red condiment usually used to impart yellow or orange color with aroma to food industries like bakery, dairy, savory, beverages, spices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and more.

The origin of annatto is in the tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil. With its culinary usage it is also used in the cosmetics to treat various skin problems. Due to its extraordinary antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial properties and also helps in curing eye and heart related problems.

Availably of this colour is in variety of concentrations as needed and in both liquid and powdered form both in oil and water soluble. With all its rich characteristics and properties it is considered as the liable food additive in the natural food colour segment.

Major Reasons to use natural Food Colors:

1. Color Variety – Natural Food Colors has a huge amount of colors to choose from. The research and development that is been finding alternatives to synthetic food color additives. Major sources of natural colors come from beta carotene, turmeric, beetroot, chlorophyll, anthocyanin and carmine. Carmine, however, has gotten some criticism because its non-vegetarian source. Nevertheless, the source is considered beneficial for health and a viable food supply source for proteins instead of meat.

2. Form – Color itself is important but the form in which the color comes is important as well. Also natural color alternatives are not limited to simply coloring products as they can mold themselves according to product characteristics. Variety of  forms available for all types of products, like pastries, cookies, cold drinks, juices or toothpaste. There is also a huge variety of colors in powder as well as liquid form for variety of applications.

 3. Health Benefits – The best thing about Natural colors is that there is less risk to cause carcinogenic or cardiovascular problems. Natural Colors are usually considered safe and healthy to use. For the today’s huge demand for health beneficial food products, natural color is a boon with vast choices. One should definitely go for the use of Natural Colour Segement.

Make your Jams and Jellies Appealing with our Natural Colour-Ecocol

Make your Jams and Jellies Appealing with our Natural Color Ecocol

Jams and jellies are essential preparations when the summer fruits start showing their colours. Everyone can savor on the preserves throughout the year. Many homemakers begin preparing jars of jams when the stone fruit and berries start appearing in abundance. It takes nothing more than a few minutes for the process, from cutting the fruits to scooping up the jam into jars. This year you should switch to natural and safe colours by using Ecocol.

Everyone in the family will be enjoying the jams every day, dipping into the jar of brightly colored, fresh jam, enjoying it with yogurt, cocktail or topping up the ice cream. Natural Ecocol is available in the splendid colors of blueberries, strawberries, peaches and raspberries, along with sweet natural flavors available along with it. Preparing your jams and jellies is not difficult, but you must make it safe with natural food ingredients. Canning jars, fruit, natural sweeteners and colours, and lemon juice are all that are required.

Besides the natural colour, it is recommended to switch to natural sweeteners. It takes almost a cup of sugar in the preparation of a pint of strawberry jam. Imagine the amount of sugar you will be taking when enjoying your favorite jelly. Thus, it makes more sense to switch to sweeteners made from natural ingredients.

Using natural flavors, colours and sweeteners can help you avoid artificial alternatives. Instead of gulping down a cup of sugar, you will be able to take natural sugar and colours that will not play havoc with your body. In order to get the most out of the fruit, you can cook it for longer duration. Add some lemon juice to maintain the acidity. Pectin is a naturally occurring sugar and this method of preparation can help extract more of it from the fruits.

Green apples, cranberries, blackberries, plums, concord grapes, lemon rind and gooseberries are rich in pectin. Use Ecocol and cook these fruits in large amounts without the need to add extra pectin. This method can help turn the fruits into a gel. But when preparing jams or jellies with strawberries, pineapple, peaches, or cherries, it is recommended to use pectin or additional gelling substance. These fruits don’t contain enough pectin. But when preparing jams with sweet apples and pears, it is recommended to add only lemon juice because they contain a high percentage of pectin but lack acid.

Whatever method and whichever fruits you use, make sure that the colours and flavors are always natural. Ecocol is available in all the colours you can think of, enabling you to create a wide collection of coloured jellies for everyone to enjoy. So the next time you decide to prepare jam or jellies, it is recommended to use the above-mentioned method. Cook the fruit for longer to extract the pectin from it and use only natural colours, sweeteners and natural flavors to get the desired effect. Using natural will help keep your loved ones safe while allowing everyone to enjoy the flavors of the season without the need to take lots of unwanted sugar.